5 Tips to Get You to The Gym

5 Tips to Get You to The Gym

5 Tips to get you the gym

5) Make a commitment with a friend

It can be a great help if you commit to going with someone. You feel more obligated to go now that you’ve made plans! Think of all the times you’ve cancelled plans on someone and the feeling you get from having to tell them you’re backing out, use that to your advantage to get you to the gym!

4) Dress for a workout, even if you’re not feeling up for it

This can be a good way to get your blood flowing once you’ve dressed for the occasion! Aka dress for success.

3) Set a goal

Having a target to hit (whether big or small) can keep one motivated. Once you start getting closer to your goal, it becomes addicting. Progress feels the best. It makes it much more difficult to go back to your old habits once you get a glimpse of what’s on the other side and you see the goal you’ve set is more than obtainable.

2) Be well rested

When you’re well rested, have more energy to push yourself into doing something. Think about how tough it is to get out of bed when you wake up exhausted, don’t let that feeling go into you working out or not.

1)Take some Pre-workout!

Pre-workout to people who work out is like coffee to the college student who’s about to tackle an overnight school project. If you’re unfamiliar with pre-workout it’s a fitness supplement that provides an increase of energy, focus, and increases your workout pump. Usually comes in powder form and you mix it with some water. Pre-Fix Body Fuel is the pre-workout to go to if you’d like to maximize your performance during your workout. Even if you don't feel like working out, taking a scoop of Pre-Fix Body Fuel a sure fire way to have you in the zone to do so!

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